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The application of D2S Soil Conditioner© is very simple and is generally done through an existing irrigation system. Regardless of whether the application is done by pivot irrigation, spray on application or flood irrigation, the basic process is the same. The D2S Conditioner© is received in a powder and is inert until it is introduced to water and aerated…we call it brewing. This gives the unbrewed, dry powder D2S Conditioner© a two year shelf life and allows the application of whatever quantity is necessary for the size of field being treated. The only equipment necessary is a source of water, a source of electricity (110v), an aerator and a liquid storage tank with a capacity of between 50 and 1,600 gallons…the size of tank is determined by the size of field being treated. Simply fill the tank with the appropriate amount of water based upon how many acres are to be treated…10 gallons for each acre. Next, introduce 4 ounces of D2S powder into the tank per 50 gallons, up to 128 ounces for a 1,600 gallon tank (*) to apply to160 acres. The aerator is then turned on and the mixture brews for 24 hours. After 24 hours of aeration this "soup" will be teeming with billions upon billions of live bacteria ready to be applied directly to the soil by connecting the tank to your irrigation system and mixing the irrigation water with the D2S brew. We are available to answer any questions about this procedure as well a provide the necessary equipment. If your source of water is heavily chlorinated or is secondary water (treated effluent) please contact us for simple steps to dechlorinate the water.

(*) 8 ounces in a cup
4 cups in a quart == 32 ounces in a quart
4 quarts in a gallon == 128 ounces in a gallon

D2S Applicaiton
Dirt2Soil Product

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