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In addition to the benefit of adding the D2S beneficial bacteria to promote fertile, active soil, there are additional benefits provided by the individual species of bacteria that attack and combat the negative effects of commercial chemical fungicides.

Fungal pathogens have been subjected to highly toxic chemicals for many decades in an attempt to control the diseases that impact crops. Fungal pathogens, when controlled through the use of highly toxic chemicals, impact the beneficial bacteria adversely, thus the longer the use of commercial chemical fungicides (or misuse), the more profound the problem.

Bio-fungngicides have been used in remediation of the diseases that impact crops for many years. Many plant pathologists believe that bacteria rather than fungi are better candidates for development of commercial biological fungicides because they can be used without fear of harming the plant as well as the beneficial bacteria supporting the plant.

Since D2S acts as a bio-fungicide it is best viewed as a preventive alternative as opposed to a curative resource. It is necessary to apply it early in the growth cycle before the pathogens attack. Early application allows the beneficial microbes in the D2S an opportunity to colonize, which enables them to attack the pathogens and thereby defend the plant against the disease.

Biological fungicides differ from chemical fungicides in their modes of action. Chemical fungicides generally have two modes of action: first, by physical contact between the chemical product and the pathogen, and second, by systemic processes where the plant absorbs the chemical or is infected by the chemical. In these two ways the pathogen is neutralized when it attacks the plant.

Biological fungicides such as D2S Conditioner© are living organisms and therefore have distinctly different modes of action than chemicals. D2S Conditioner© contains microbes that are antagonistic and parasitic to pathogenic fungi. The beneficial microbes in D2S Conditioner© literally attack and feed off of the invading fungi, as they have broad spectrum properties including the production of antibiotics and/or enzymes which kill pathogenic fungi. The pathogens are therefore weakened and are far more susceptible to the vegetative bacteria. D2S Conditioner application strategies are designed to increase the population of the beneficial microbes on and around plant tissue. By increasing the population of beneficial bacteria and soil moisture with D2S Conditioner©, there is less chance that the pathogens can colonize and establish a presence in the plant.

An effective biological fungicide must be formulated to insure the survival of beneficial microbes. D2S is a powder and is shipped in a water tight container that should be used for its storage. It has no special shipping or handling requirements. It is important to not expose the D2S Conditioner© in its powder form to moisture, however if left in the shipping container and re-sealed after removing a portion of the D2S for brewing, the D2S has a shelf life of a minimum of 2 years. After on-site brewing the D2S Conditioner©, as a liquid, is entrained in a bio-surfactant to effect surface tension and allow for immediate absorption into the soil. It is effective on a wide range of crops, grass crops, row crops, orchards and vineyards. Because it is a natural living mix it has residual effects, thus repeated applications result in increased effectiveness. Unlike chemical fungicides, D2S Conditioner is composed of all-natural materials with no chemical salts, thus phytotoxicity (a toxic effect by a compound on plant growth) is not a concern.

D2S Conditioner
© is safe and cannot be over-applied.

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