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D2S Soil Conditioner© is an active mixture of oxidizing, naturally occurring single-celled micro-organisms with endo and ecto mycorrhizal fungi. It is formulated by specifically selecting bacteria that have been identified as naturally residing in highly fertile soil and having the ability to produce the maximum necessary enzymes. These microbes have a very close relationship with plants, and must also have the ability to adapt to various soil conditions and be able to fix synthetic (chemical) and atmospheric nitrogen. Once identified, these organisms are then laboratory grown under aseptic conditions to provide a pure culture. D2S Conditioner is then blended with secondary microbiological species to provide as wide a spectrum of soil bacteria and fungi as possible to maintain efficacy. When D2S Conditioner© is applied to the soil the indigenous bacteria multiply and grow very rapidly. An important side benefit is that nitrogen volatilization (gaseous escape) is greatly reduced and leaching (runoff and seepage into the water table) is almost eliminated. D2S Conditioner© is formulated to be environmentally safe and effective.

D2S is a Certified Organic Soil Conditioner formulated to stimulate biological humis development in all soil types, aerate soils, increase water penetration and retention,reduce clods, buffer salts, aid in decomposition of organic residue, chelate nutrients for easier plant uptake, encourage root growth and depth penetration as well as help biologically buffer toxic chemicals. The use of D2S results in less need for chemical fertilizers, and in some cases, the elimination of chemical fertilizers completely.

D2S Soil Conditioner
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